Hoedag Garden Tool


The Hoedag is a garden tool handmade in Idaho

Hoedag is a multi-purpose gardening tool designed and built by hand in Lewiston, Idaho. We found this interesting tool while searching the internet for handcrafted, high quality gardening tools. The owners were kind enough to send us a sample Hoedag to evaluate and review for the website and blog.

What initially turned us on to Hoedag was the great story the owners have on their site about the origins of the tool and the materials and process by which it is built. Plus, the they really sound like they stand behind this product. We are huge fans of tools that can be used for a long time and even passed along to future generations. Even better when one tool can do the job of many!

Needless to say, we were excited to open the box when it arrived, but we also were mindful to not let our enthusiasm influence the review of this product.


Me and my Hoedag

The Hoedag arrived as described and if anything looked even better in person. The biggest surprise we found was how light it was. Could Hoedag be this light but still function well in the DIY Backyard Farm test gardens? We took a recent January day to give Hoedag an initial run through. This would not be an easy test for Hoedag because our ground is frozen solid at the time of this test. You can see a brief video of our Hoedag trial run here.

As you may have seen in the video, Hoedag has a tough carbon steel blade and wonderful hardwood handle. The blade has 2 sides which allows for different types of gadening work. The pointier side looks to be better for breaking up tough clumps of compacted soil while the broad side worked mor like a traditional hoe. We suspect the broad side would be great for weeding too. Both blades have beveled edges to help penetrate soil and break up roots. We easily hacked through frozen soil with Hoedag and suspect the beveled edges helped with that.

As mentioned, the tool is really light. After 25-30 minutes of use we had zero fatigue. That was exciting because gardening should be fun and is often great exercise, but it should never feel like a chore. Often times light weight tools are also light on quality. So far we can say the Hoedag is not one of those tools. On the contrary, this tool seems like it will stand up to many seasons of gardening use.

After our test we cleaned up the tool with a damp rag and wiped the blade with a bit of oil. It looked brand new again! Now, this was just a quick initial product evaluation and review. We have used the Hoedag throughout the 2014 gardening season and it still looks like new! It is like an extended member of the family now. It weeds, trenches, turns over soil, breaks up roots and so much more. I’m most impressed with the durability of the product. It really looks as good as new. Finally, this light weight tool allows for long hours of use with little fatigue. Every gardener should have a Hoedag!

Our overall product review is the highest we have here at DIY Backyard Farm. That is, WE DIG IT! You can purchase Hoedag directly from the folks who make it right here in the USA. Those same folks had the following to say in response to this product review, “Thanks so much for your fantastic endorsement. So far, after selling over 14,000 tools, we have not had one person request their money back”.

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