Product Review – Corona Tools Floral Garden Snip

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Corona Tools Floral Snip

We got these from the friendly folks at Corona Tools USA after commenting on our desire to do product tests on high quality, made in the USA tools. Corona Tools has been in business for nearly 100 years and they make tools for home and professional use. The one other thing that really turned us on to this tool company was their passion for the environment and the people they deal with. Their “Corona Cares” program is comprehensive enough for us to tell they are not just paying lip service to good causes. They are involved!

Now, on to our product review of the Corona Tools Floral Snip. According to the packaging, this pruner is recommended for trimming, shaping, and deadheading small flowers & plants. They also say these can be used for hydroponics, harvesting medicinal plants, and creating floral arrangements.

The first feature we noted, before even opening their recyclable packing was the ComfortGEL grips. We are no strangers to long hours of pruning in the gardens. Hint – your hand will start to hurt and the grips get slippery if you decide to not wear gloves. We know, it is smart to always wear gloves when gardening, but sometimes a short trip into the garden to “pick a few things for dinner” turns into an hour-long stroll with clippers in gloveless hands. Hint #2 – Always wear gloves!

Since we strive to provide honest, straight forward reviews we will need to mention our initial review of this product is based on about 40 minutes of total pruning time broken up into two, 20 minute sessions. The first session was for the video portion of this review. It is not that we were being lazy, we just ran out of stuff to prune because Old Man Winter has been dropping cold, snow and ice everywhere! We finally got a semi-warm day to melt enough of it so we could access our plants.

Needless to say we were looking forward to trying the ComfortGEL grips out and they did not disappoint. It is evident right away that this feature is meaningful even with gloves on. The grips have just enough give to make them comfortable without taking away from the control required to make good, clean cuts. This was our second favorite feature of the product and it is good for left and right handers (welcomed by my son) too.

Our very favorite feature is the locking mechanism. Perhaps it is because we have owned so many pruners, shears, and clippers with locks that are difficult to manipulate and sometimes even hard to find. The Corona Floral Snips have an easy to find lock with a nice, grippy knob that allows for easy actuation. It is even easy to work with gloves on.

Right near the lock is the cool armadillo looking spring. This spring is a great example of what separates the best from the rest. This type of design also helps to keep the dirt, mud, and grit out of the spring mechanism. If there is one area we have seen many pruners fail it is here. Once a spring mechanism is gone the pruners become difficult to use and tire your hands more easily.

On to the blades. Of course, a great trimmer or pruner needs quality, long-lasting blades. These puners do not disappoint here. The blades are made from what looks like heat-treated steel and were sharp right out of the package. We will monitor their durability and report back if we feel they are falling short. The blades even have an integrated wire clipper which can be useful.

Finally, these pruners have a handy thorn stripper built right into the handle. This is a useful, but often underused feature. Stripping the thorns from stems is a nice, final touch after picking fresh flowers.

We give the Corona Tools Floral Snip our highest rating of “we dig it”. We will also update this review as we use the tool more. You can also purchase this item by clicking here.

April 16, 2014 Update

It has been a couple of months since our initial review of this tool. Since then we have had the chance to use these floral snips more and in a variety of situations. We used them for roses, blackberry/raspberry bushes, blueberries, other fruit trees and even our lilac tree. In hindsight, the floral snip was not the appropriate choice for pruning the lilac tree. However, this is a product test and we needed to put this product through its paces. We can report the tool performed like a champ and shows little to no signs of wear.

The one minor problem we had was with the spring mechanism. Despite the great design, this part of the tool began to stick a bit and needed to be oiled to return it to normal working condition. In all fairness, we used the snips in some not so friendly weather conditions, dropped them in the dirt more than once and forgot to clean them after a couple of uses. We do not think a few drops of oil are too much to ask as part of regular tool maintenance.

In summary, the Corona Tools Floral Snips are a fantastic example of a well constructed garden tool. They have features to enhance comfort, improve cutting performance, and create more pleasant gardening experiences. Periodic maintenance will improve their performance and probably their lifespan. We maintain our recommendation of “we dig it”!

Stay tuned for future reviews of 2 other pairs of Corona Tools pruners.

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