The Seed Keeper Deluxe

The Seed Keeper,Seeds,Kids

The kids loved using the included accessories!

The Seed Keeper,Seeds

We pit The Seed Keeper Deluxe against our large collection of seeds.

For many years we have kept our seeds and seed keeping accessories stored in many shoe boxes. The seeds themselves were kept in a hodge podge of glass jars, envelopes, torn open seed packets, and any other vessel we could reuse. We said, “were kept in” because all that has changed now.

Sure we knew there must be a better way, but never took the time to sort it all out. Thankfully, the friendly folks at The Seed Keeper Company took on the challenge. These folks created a seed filing system that also holds key seed keeping supplies. In fact, the Deluxe version we are testing came with just about every seed keeping accessory we could need and some we did not even think of. More on that in a minute.

We got excited about this gardening gadget from the moment we saw Carol and Kerrie tweeting about it during a gardening discussion on twitter. Could The Seed Keeper really bring order to our seed keeping chaos?

Our Seed Keeper Deluxe arrived mid-week and we decided to review it as a family on Friday night. We were betting the kids would enjoy helping to organize the seeds while trying out the many included seed keeping accessories. As you can see in the pictures, they had a blast! We just made sure to hide the included permanent marker until the end of the project.

What I liked most about the product was the thought the creators put into the whole process of seed keeping and seed starting. Most of our viewers probably have had similar previous seed keeping experiences to ours. It goes something like this: You are in the middle of a seed starting procedure and you can’t find the tweezers, magnifying glass, seed tray, or some other important accessory. You lose time and start to get frustrated. You make mistakes. Then you rush to catch up and make more mistakes. Seeds get mislabeled, swiss chard seedlings get confused for beets, etc.

The Seed Keeper Deluxe we reviewed lowers the chance of the above situation happening by keeping the critical tools and your seeds in a handy, durable and attractive box. Plus, having a place for everything and everything in its place just feels so darn good!

Our kit included:

A – Z and monthly dividers • pair of garden gloves • seed tweezers • toothpicks to prop up seeds • magnifying glass • 10 labels for marking seed-starting trays or pots • seed sorting dish • 6″ wooden planting ruler • utility clip for hanging gloves • permanent marker • 10 wooden plant markers • 10 seed-saving envelopes • 7 x 8 inch accessory bag for storing seed-starting tools • hand & nail scrubber (comes in handy) • rigid “Keeper Card” (fits behind dividers to keep seed packs and garden information upright)

That is a lot of stuff! It all boils down to a really useful product that can bring order to your seed keeping while still offering gardeners the flexibility to organize their stuff in different manners.

Finally, unlike our cardboard shoe boxes, The Seed Keeper Deluxe is totally ready for trips into our gardens. The sturdy plastic construction helps keep moisture and debris out and is much more durable than a cardboard box. The lid even has plastic locking mechanisms on the sides to secure your valuable seeds and tools. When gardening with kids I highly recommend locking that lid anytime your back is turned on your Seed Keeper Deluxe. Kids have a way of timing things just right, or shall I say wrong!

In conclusion, we give this product a very positive review and recommend it to anyone searching for or wishing for a better way to store and organize their seeds and seed keeping accessories. As we like to say here on the DIY Backyard Farm, “We Dig It”!

You can purchase this product and other related products directly from their website.

seed keeper deluxe

The Seed Keeper Deluxe Swallowed Up Our Seeds

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