The Trick to Growing Better Peas & Beans

Check out the video below for a can’t miss tip that will work for peas, beans, cucumbers and other “climbers”.

No pea left behind…everyone of them can now climb!


How to Build a “Teepee” Trellis

OK, you’ve likely seen teepee style trellises all over Pinterest and other sites recently. Trellises are fun and creative structures that also play a vital role for many vegetable plants.

This time of year I have peas on the brain. Fresh peas and all the recipes that call for them signify springtime to me. In fact, I will eat peas of all sorts all spring long until they are gone. Then I won’t touch peas again until late summer/early fall (assuming I get a second crop to grow). Eat what’s fresh and local!

Peas come in all types of varieties, shapes and sizes. Some are edible, pod and all (think snap peas) and others hide so well inside their shells (think shelling peas). Some peas grow as a bush, but most like to push high and climb. Regardless of their height they all lack the might to thrive without some support. However, peas that grow tallest must enlist the help of some kind of trellis.

There are lots of fences, nets and trellises available. If you want to get extra creative you may want to try a pea teepee like I have built-in the video below. Follow along or go your own way. Just be sure the job is not all work and no play!

Do share your creations as I love to see what other edible gardeners are up to.