How to tell which zucchini flowers are “female”

Lots of people ask me how to tell which zucchini flowers are the female ones.   As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth 1000 words”.

The picture below shows a flower that is clearly attached to what looks to be a baby zucchini. That is a clear sign that you are looking at a female flower. Also notice that the stamen of the female flower is different from a male stamen.

If you look real close you can see there is actually a broken off male stamen inside the female flower. I did that to help bring the pollen from the male flower into the female flower. We have lots of pollinators, but why take chances!


Secret Squash Blossoms

Why more people do not know about these tasty treats is beyond me. Are they just and “Italian thing”? No matter, for the next couple of posts I plan to focus on nothing but squash blossoms!

Before we chat up the recipes we need to learn the basics. That is, proper blossom selection. You will most often see people using zucchini blossoms in their recipes. So, let’s talk zucchini.

The video below will walk you the blossom selection process. It is so easy a 6 year-old can do it. Actually, in the video my six year-old does do it!

Up next…recipes!